Arnold Schwarzenegger in love with his hummers

Whenever you think of a hummer, you automatically think of a powerful, mighty, impressive car that rules the road. Other cars look like tiny ants compared to a big humvee. The downside to these impressive cars is that they’re so big and heavy that most people can’t afford them. They can also be difficult to drive due to their size.

Where do hummers originally come from?

Hummers are actually army vehicles, they weren’t meant to be used by civilians because of their weight and size. The army version was a whole lot bigger and obviously bulletproof. They was also the issue of their size which can represent a threat to other cars on the road. They were initially build as all terrain cars to be used though the desert, jungle: basically through any rough landscape. In 1992 they decided to sell a different version of the hummer to civilians, but the hummer sale only really started to take off from 1998 when General Motors decided to buy the hummer brand. From then they started selling smaller versions of the official hummers: the humvees H1, H2 and H3 which turned out to be quite wanted in the U.S.A.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is fascinated by hummers

Buying a hummer really hurts your wallet, not just because of the price but also because the repairs, keeping it in good condition, taxes and last but not least: rising gas prices. Hummers are unaffordable for most families. That’s why these cars are very popular among celebrities who like to show off their wealth and their manly hood. Take Arnold Schwarzenegger for instance, he really is fascinated with them. He used to own 8 up until 2009, that’s over 920.000 dollar worth of hummers. The funny part is that Arnold Schwarzenegger definitely doesn’t need to prove his manly hood to anyone, he probably is the last person on earth who would need to do so. Buying a hummer is sign of power and financial well being, when such a car drives down the road people almost break their necks just to catch a glimpse of the road beast.

Fun hummer facts

– A total of 70.000 hummers were sold in 2006

– A hummer can drive on about 15 miles per gallon. A small Volkswagen can drive 5 times as far in comparison to a hummer on that one same gallon.

-The heaviest hummer weighs over the 5 tons.

– A hummer usually costs around 63.000 dollar.

Hummer sale drops due to the financial crisis

The General Motors firm got hit really hard by the financial crisis in the U.S.A. In 2009 about 8.000 workers resigned, and from that moment the hummer production was put to an abrupt stop. The increasing gas prices made it almost impossible for General Motors to keep on going producing hummers due to the decreasing sale. People Wouldn’t spend as much money on expensive cars anymore, the hummer sale collapsed in no time. Which is quite understandable given the fact that people really watch their expenses during the financial crisis, luxuries couldn’t be afforded anymore.

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