The fast and the furious

The fast and the furious is a series of movies which is very popular along young men. Fast cars, mind blowing bikes, races and beautiful ladies. Basically, the ideal dream world for most men.

It’s not just the pretty ladies in short skirts who make those movies best sellers worldwide, but obviously the hot cars had something to do with that too.

Police worried about the effect of the movie on the youth

The weekend that the movie came out in theaters there were lots of extra patrols outside because the police was expecting people to reproduce what they had seen in the movie. Unfortunately it has been proved on several different occasions that hardcore fans can really misbehave after having seen the movie. People have committed suicide over movies that didn’t live up to their expectations. Some people think that they can behave like the movie characters and drive against traffic like James Bond. Such scenario’s often end up in a very nasty way, with either death as a result, or mostly people getting hurt or arrested. This might sound crazy or unrealistic, but these things really happen because people can get an adrenaline rush from a movie which makes them do strange things. Fortunately on the night that the fast and the furious came in the theater nothing of the sort happened, the police didn’t have to deal with those kind of problems as the evening passed by quietly.

Sell junk car to buy a new ride

On the other side, thanks to this series of movies pimping has become quite popular. It no longer is seen as something extravagant that only celebrities can afford. The movie implies that pimping your ride isn’t that difficult, all you need are the right parts and some basic car knowledge to be able to tune your car. People nowadays often tend to put up a “junk car sale” sign up on their car, once it’s sold they use the money to invest in buying a new car which they will pimp over a period of a few months. And once the new pimped car no longer looks new they start all over again: sell used car, buy a new one and so on.

Almost anyone can pimp their car

Nowadays you can buy spoilers or rims just in about any car part store, and if the store doesn’t have it at that moment they can usually order it for the customer. So getting parts shouldn’t be a problem for a car tuner. The fact that the parts are sold just about anywhere makes it a lot easier for people to take that step to try it out themselves. We see more and more people selling their used car to used car dealers and enter the pimpin’ world. Illegal street races are held at remote, hidden locations. You would be surprised to see how many people actually show up to look at those races, to experience the rush and the adrenaline flowing through the streets.

Tuned car for sale?

Tuning is very exciting, but on the other hand it also has some down sides. For instance, a tuned or pimped car is worth less money than an original car because used car dealers have a hard time re-selling them. These cars often stay on the sale floor for months with a sad “used car sale” cardboard on its window without getting the attention they deserve. People are afraid to take the risk of buying someone else’s tuned car in fear that something might be wrong with it which could be very dangerous. Do you happen to have a tuned car which you would like sell? Then leave the car sale over to the car buying website Once you’ve registered your car on the site you’ll receive an offer within 48 hours from an official used car dealer. You will get paid in cash for your used car, and using the site is completely free of charge.

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